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Beginning a SOZO Ministry

Inner healing ministry at your church.


The NW Regional SOZO Director, Stan Mishler and the New Horizons SOZO team would be honored to assist any church in beginning a new SOZO ministry to reach the people of their congregation and community. Please review the options which will give you an overview of the process we've used for several years in helping churches establish a SOZO ministry:

1. The Senior Leaders can meet with Stan Mishler, the Pacific NW Regional Director for Bethel SOZO in Redding and the Director of New Horizons SOZO Ministry, to learn about the ministry and the options of beginning a SOZO ministry in their church.

2. The Senior Leaders would do well to receive a personal SOZO at New Horizons for personal refreshment and to better understand the significance of the SOZO Ministry. (If possible, it is highly recommended that the leaders receive a personal SOZO before attending a New Horizons SOZO Seminar.)

3. The Senior Leader and SOZO Team leader would attend a New Horizons Basic SOZO Seminar at McMinnville, after viewing Bethel's Basic SOZO DVDs. (New Horizons SOZO Seminar topics: build a culture for successful ministry, practical tools of team building, detailed steps of a successful SOZO session, testimonies from SOZO Leaders and recipients, observe an actual SOZO session, and a Q & A time with experienced SOZO Leaders.)

4. The appointed leader of the beginning SOZO Ministry will come to McMinnville if they live within a 1-1.5 hour drive, and begin the process, as a Trainee.

5. When the appointed leader has completed the training process with the New Horizons SOZO team, it may be well for the new SOZO Team Leader to invite the NW Regional Director of Bethel SOZO to their location for a day or more, to: (A) Build relationship with the Regional Director (requested by Bethel SOZO leaders) and, (B) Receive his support and expertise in team building and to enhance the skills of other team members in doing SOZO sessions.

6. When the NW Regional Director for Bethel SOZO travels to coach a new SOZO team, the host church is asked to please cover his travel expenses (IRS milegate rate of 54.5 cents for every mile of business travel driven, or cover the airfare if the travel time is over 6-7 hours) and provide a hotel room – as he does not receive any financial support from Bethel for his ministry to the NW Regional SOZO ministry.

1.   If a church is more than a 3-4 hour drive from McMinnville, it may be a better stewardship of time and money to have the New Horizons SOZO Team conduct a SOZO Seminar at that location. There needs to be a minimum of 25 or more paid registrants at the SOZO Seminar.

  2.   The Seminar would typically be held on a Saturday from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, with a lunch break. A detailed schedule will be sent to the host church when the seminar is scheduled. We are open to consider other time-frames.

3.   We highly recommend that the attendees personally invest into their own ministry, as they will be more committed to the training process when they make a financial investment. “Where you treasure is there your heart is also” - Jesus Christ.   

4.   A registration fee of $85 per individual and $130 per married couple is normal for this type of training, with 80% of the registration fee going toward the New Horizons SOZO Team who’ll also provide name tags and material for all seminar registrants. The remaining 20% of the registration is retained by the host church to cover the costs for a quality lunch and snacks for the attendees.

5.  The host church will need to cover the travel expenses  for the team members (IRS milegate rate of 54.5 cents for every mile of business travel driven, for up to three vehicles, or airfare if distance is greater than 6-7 hours by car) and provide lunch during the day of the seminar. The New Horizons team will cover their own accommodations at a local hotel.  

NOTE:  If the host church has 40 or more paid registrants the New Horizons SOZO Ministry team will cover ALL of their travel expenses for ground transportation (airfares not included.)  

6.  It is also recommended to have the New Horizons Team do several SOZO sessions before the Seminar for leaders (pastors, worship leaders and leaders of the new SOZO Ministry) of the church to find greater freedom and to share personal testimony with many others in the church and community. There is a fee of $75 for each of these SOZO sessions--which could be covered by the ministry recipient or by the church if they choose. (This fee helps to cover lost wages of the New Horizons team members who must take off work to serve.)

The NW Regional Director, Stan Mishler, and or New Horizons SOZO Team members are also available to go to your church location to provide personal SOZO sessions for individuals - if the church is not interested or does not have the ability to begin a SOZO Ministry at this time.  

NOTE: The fee is $75 per SOZO session. The host church is also responsible to pay for the travel costs (IRS milegate rate of 54.5 cents for every mile of business travel driven per vehicle, or airfare if the distance is greater than a 6-7 hour drive), provide meals and hotel rooms for the ministry team. 

The NW Regional Director can visit with you about other ways to assist you in beginning or developing a SOZO Ministry at your church. Please contact the SOZO Coordinator to connect you with the Director.