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CEntral asia

Reaching the "least-reached" people groups of the world has been a focal point of the missions activity of New Horizons Church for the last 15 years. We presently have one family sent out from New Horizons who is serving in Central Asia. They lead a team who are in a Muslim nation with near "zero tolerance" policy of the government. This means that all ministry takes place secretly in homes and that the ministry team must walk wisely in order to maximize the opportunities they can find to connect with the Muslim people of that region.


Missionary Training for Muslim Nations

New Horizons sent a second family to Central Asia where they served in two different nations for over 12 years. With over 20 years of experience on the field, they are presently living in the United States, training dozens of missionaries each year who called to serve Muslim people in numerous nations of Central and SE Asia. 


The Khmer people group of Cambodia are one of the least-reached people groups in the world. Since 1994, New Horizons Church has supported Chuck and Cynde McCaul and their family who were sent to Phenom Penh, Cambodia. Their son Jesse and his wife Soar, now oversee New Life Fellowship Cambodia and over 100 staff who are training leaders, planting churches around the country, ministering to children at risk, and other powerful ministries that is impacted cities.  Over 10,000 lives have been transformed by the power of Christ through this ministry. 


You are invited to contribute to New Horizons Missions Fund to help us advance the Kingdom in Central Asia & Cambodia.