First of all, I would like to thank Sue and Paul for the excellent way in which they led the LAM sessions. They were very transparent and vulnerable which helped us to become transparent and vulnerable. The LAM sessions brought hope and healing for our marriage. We started praying together and drawing emotionally closer. One of the experiences that were especially helpful to us was the Spirit connections.
— Dr. Winston Seegobin
Love After Marriage gave needed and timely hope for our marriage, which was at a crisis point when we started. I appreciated the warmth and openness I saw in our leaders Paul and Sue from our first meeting with them. I was struck by their willingness to share out of their journey with great courage and authenticity. They both work as an effective team to bring Godly discernment and grace especially in the Spirit connection meetings, which were meaningful to us. Things that were hidden in our marriage began to come out. This allows us to honestly face and work with the issues we each brought into the marriage. We finally started to focus on couple time together when previously we have spent our energies serving others. We began to take time to talk, walk and pray together, as our LAM community, leaders, and intercessors walked with us.
— Karen Seegobin
I didn’t realize the importance of our physical relationship and how it affects our communication. It really hit me how important it is for us to be bonded and stay bonded, and that we have to guard it, because life so easily takes it away.
— Anne Marie
Just about everything has been opened up and I have gained a lot of advancements and made breakthroughs in my walk with God and communication with my wife. Now just my marriage is better, but also my relationships with friends and family.
— Troy Elliott
The healing I have received personally has catapulted my walk with God. The walls that have and still are coming down are bringing me closer to my husband. I have hope in using the tools we’ve been learning and doing every week because I’m seeing the change happen in us every time. We come to LAM every week and get energized. Being among the amazing people God has placed in our lives is something we can’t wait to do every week. We don’t want it to end...we need each of them in our lives.
— Victoria Elliott
Attending Love After Marriage (LAM) provided much needed reinforcement in the armor of our marriage during a turbulent season. A season of target practice by the enemy was confronted with God’s perfect timing via LAM. Through His Word and the vessel of LAM, our marriage has been strengthened, our commitment renewed, and enjoying each other’s company was brought to a higher level. Whether you’re seeking breakthrough, reinforcement, or just hungry for more of God in your marriage, LAM is an opportunity for both of you to see what God has intended your marriage to be.
— Michael and Lori
It was so inspirational and encouraging to see how Barry and Lori Byrne were gifted with the task of illustrating how God, the creator of marriage, is in absolutely every aspect of marriage. It’s like He was there with us at our meetings telling us His plans.
— VJ and Claudia
Love After Marriage brought the value and importance of our marriage relationship to the surface, showing us the need to make it a priority in our busy lives. God loves marriage! It’s His thing! It’s our privilege to develop our relationship, and LAM gave us tools and opportunity to begin the process in a safe and encouraging environment. Every day is a new beginning. Thank you God, LAM, and Paul and Sue.
— Rick and Deanne