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SOZO Testimonies

Exposing lies. Revealing truth.

God exposed lies I believed and  brought freedom in those areas of my thought life, that I didn’t know I was in bondage to. True freedom! Everything I experienced was ordained of God. The mood, the atmosphere, and the ministry was so personal and I experienced the freedom God has been wanting to give me along time. Way to go team for listening to the Spirit and being bold to obey. Thank you so much!
— Maria
I was stuck. I couldn’t understand the struggles I was having or how to move forward. The problem was pinpointed and this experience also gave me new tools to use in my walk with God.
— Kimberly
I experienced freedom to not fear Holy Spirit, to trust His voice; not living in the past, but to go forward with Him. I feel like hindrances/lies were shed off so I can run the race God’s marked for me.
— Cheryl
I am closer to God, love Him more, understand His love for me, feel cleaner and lighter. I’m more secure in how He’s made me to be.
— Deby
Uplifting, Freeing, Liberating! I was completely liberated. In several instances I was set free from burdens and hindrances to my walk and life with the Lord. Anyone who is serious about their walk should participate in SOZO.
— Curtis
My SOZO could not have come at a more perfect time. I thought it was going to be pretty run of the mill, so to speak (hahahaha) - just some forgiving and a little bit more of a connection time with the Godhead - but I was completely blown away with this experience. The Holy Spirit was there like I’ve never felt Him before. I got some amazing healing that has been long overdue and it feels great to know that I never have to be alone in my life. Freedom is a wonderful gift and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. The team was so honoring and sincere throughout the whole process. I can’t imagine it going any better than it did. I never once felt unsure or ashamed to share. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover how grateful I am for everything, but I’ll say it a trillion times. May you all be blessed beyond your wildest dreams.
— Dena
Very fruitful, I could not believe how much ground we covered in a very “short” time... and we touched on a lifetime of wounding. I really felt the Lord gave both Karen and Jean amazing insight about where I needed to go. He is so faithful. I had many powerful revelations that helped me draw closer to my Daddy, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I had several “a-ha” moments about the true lack I had experienced as a child, and was really able to walk through forgiveness in a way that brought freedom to me and removed some of the blocks I had been experiencing in my intimacy with the Lord. Thank you!  I can’t wait to see where He takes me.
— Rachel H.
Dear Pastor Galen,

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you and your SOZO team for such an amazing experience. Your team was clearly motivated by love and it showed through every aspect of the session. There are many different methods to seeing people come into freedom in Christ, but my SOZO session was one of the most gentle, loving and yet powerful things I have ever seen.

Realizing that the Holy Spirit may do this differently with every person, I loved how the facilitators simply helped set the stage for the Holy Spirit to do the work as He led me right to hurts and wounds beginning from my childhood, which revealed other issues that had created a low self-esteem, which consequently made it very difficult for me to feel like I was a “favored son of God”. All those areas were healed in my life, and I have come into a new joy, and deeper intimacy with my “heavenly daddy”.

Thank you again, for being obedient to the call upon you and your awesome congregation and SOZO teams, who are being such a great blessing to the Body of Christ! God bless you and give you all strength as you serve and bless so many throughout our region.
— Pastor Joel Hjertstedt
As we prayed through the four doors, fear - embodied in perfectionism, was replaced by tender loving compassion and anger with rest. Also, prayer to break curses spoken over me held significant power. Thank you so much for this valuable experience.
— Jennifer
I experienced a real personal connection and acceptance with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and I experienced freedom from regret, shame, and guilt.
— Lowell
My SOZO experience was fantastic. I received freedom from the guilt I carried about Randy’s death, freedom from my mother’s dearth, and freedom from... my first boyfriend.
— Dee
I felt as though I received complete healing and forgiveness, I am excited about the future. I recommend this to every believer or non-believer. This is well done. I think that the world needs this ministry right now! God bless you and thank you.
— Clinton
I am walking in a new level of freedom. I am so new, I feel like a baby learning to walk. This freedom is amazing.
— Sara
Changed my life. Words cannot explain. You could feel the love ... What a wonderful experience.
— Carol
I want to thank New Horizons for this wonderful ministry. God has faithfully been drawing me to Himself through all the varied seasons of my life. I was longing to rid myself of the baggage of lies and wounds that had accumulated. My SOZO session was such an encouragement to me. Rarely have I ever felt so loved. I felt like my perspective was finally lining up with the Father’s perspective and I felt so clean and refreshed. I appreciated the sensitivity of the ministry team. I did not feel hurried or judged, instead, I felt very safe and accepted. I also appreciated the notes that were sent home with me to remember more clearly the things that God spoke and clarified. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.
— Anonymous
I was raised in the church and have had a personal relationship with Jesus for over 30 years. I have been exposed to a wide variety of ministry over the years, but I have never experienced anything like the ministry I received through my SOZO session. The environment at my SOZO session made me feel very safe and I felt relaxed the entire time. I never felt pushed or pressured to perform. The clarity with which I heard God speak to me was incredible. The Lord brought to my mind and spirit many incidents that occurred in my life and how they played a part in lies that I had come to believe about me and about God. Through the gentle guidance of the prayer counselors and the Holy Spirit I was able to replace lies with truth. The healing, encouragement, and comfort I received from God was astounding. I feel more free and more in love with my God than ever.
— Dave
It has been a defining moment in my life - pivotal for my ministry and walk with God. It was amazing! It confirmed what God was speaking to me - connected the dots - put things together and freed me to walk in my call and gifting. Thank you for ministering in this way.
— Lila, a Pastor's Wife
I gained new insight of God’s detailed love for me. Little things matter to Him. I don’t need to be suspicious of the Holy Spirit.
— Pastor Joe
I went in bound with lies about how Father God and the Holy Spirit felt about me, and came out knowing the truth. I am loved and accepted and approved, just for who I am, and now I feel so comfortable and safe with the Father.
— LeAnn