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Student Testimonies

Hear the good reports.

In my walk with the Lord, God grew in me a hunger for a deeper connection and demonstration of God’s power and blessing. In total Godly blessing, He did not leave with only a hunger. He lead me to the School of Supernatural Ministry at New Horizons Church and what I received there exceeded my initial hunger and grew in me a deeper love and desire to be in God’s presence.
From the desire to be in God’s presence, I grew in my gifting to where we see the Holy Spirit demonstrating the gift of healing in my life. In our altar call time, we have seen the Holy Spirit instantly heal many including the instant removal of pain. Our congregation has described these healings as miracles. The healings include the removal of cancer, healing of knees, shoulders, backs, and various other body parts. There are a few doctors in our area that are still questioning what happened to their patients. We are praising God for the fruit that God has grown and is growing in my life and now the members of my congregation.
— Dr. Joel Collier, Sr. Pastor
In the years leading up to my entering the School of Supernatural Ministry, I had plateaued in my relationship with Jesus. Unfortunately it had become nothing more than Bible study, obligatory prayer, ministry duties and a few spiritual disciplines thrown in.  Jesus and Christianity had become merely topics of study, a world-view and a philosophy.  Like me, most of the Christians around me were maintaining, but not being transformed. At age 50, I concluded there had to be something that more resembled Jesus in the Gospels than what I was living out. Through friends at the school where my wife worked and two of our children attended, we heard about New Horizons. Because of the struggles I was facing, the School of Supernatural Ministry appealed to me. Two years ago my wife, Donelle, and I enrolled and discovered a community of believers who, without diminishing the truth and value of Scripture, believed and were learning to live out what Jesus taught and lived. I was pleased to discover that there were fellow followers of Jesus who refused to believe that healing the emotionally and physically sick, raising the dead and overcoming the god of this age had not ceased in the first century, but were a very important part of our walking with Jesus today.  I saw the Holy Spirit work powerfully in my wife, transforming her into a powerful prayer warrior, committed and passionate about praying for the sick and seeing them healed. Through her prayer, we saw individuals healed of physical ailments in the church where I pastored.  Hope sprang up within my heart and soul that I could be part of a community that lived out kingdom values now, rather than trying to survive on earth until Jesus came back. With renewed hope, I look forward to discovering more of Jesus and His kingdom on earth.
— David Freitag, Pastor MDiv
New Horizons School of Supernatural Ministry has been the best school experience I have ever known. From the moment I arrived I felt like I had “come home” feeling surrounded by others whose desires for “experiencing more of God” were similar to mine.

At New Horizons, I have been challenged, nourished in the Word of God, and introduced to new thoughts and concepts that brought me to higher levels of thinking, meditating, and revelation of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. How exciting it is to grow in your relationship with God as you begin to understand who you are from a “Kingdom perspective” and all that truly awaits you from Father God’s perspective!

New Horizons cultivates a climate of care, concern, and desire for growth. Every person... teacher, pastor, student - young and old, are excited to hear what God is speaking through each other. It is the essence of the “body of Christ” learning and growing together, supporting one another in a fun, safe, and exciting atmosphere. I highly recommend coming to this school, especially if you have the desire to reach beyond the natural and move with God in what always was purposed for our exciting Christian lifestyle.
— Theresa Farrelly, Business Owner and Educational Assistant
Some of the main things that I have gained by attending the School of Supernatural Ministry is in the area of my identity. I have learned to see myself as God sees me and not to say anything about myself that God would not say about me. I learned that my words can change my destiny and I need to declare who God says I am and to declare the prophetic words that have been spoken over me. I have permission from the Father to be myself, who He created me to be and love myself. After all, I am a princess, a precious daughter of the KING.
— LeAnn Kauer, Business Office Manager