We are excited about raising up a generation of radical followers of Christ at New Horizons School of the Supernatural (NHSS), who are encountering God and being empowered to extend His kingdom in the region and nations of the world. NHSS exists to equip students to live out the prophetic declarations Jesus gave to His followers - to hear what He is saying and to do what He is doing everyday of our lives.

At the heart of New Horizons School of  the Supernatural, are several characteristics of our DNA that are expected and experienced in the life of this community:

  • knowing our identity in Jesus Christ, being sons and daughters of royality

  • living in a culture of honor where the goal is not for everyone to agree but where everyone is valued and empowered by one another

  • living a life-style of radical overcoming faith where possibilities are pursured by risk-takers and kingdom shakers

  • enjoying the extravegant love and pleaure of God as a lifestyle

  • manifestations of glory and signs and wonders are happening

  • lives are being transformed by the love and presence of God's power



NHSS is a Holy Spirit led ministry atmosphere where students of all ages can learn how to live in the power of His presence and advance His Kingdom through a supernatural lifestyle. One of the core values is “honor” which is illustrated through joining the generations and teaching every age group to honor and serve one another.

The emphasis is "hands on" training and experience with academic understanding. It's about a "teach, experience and do" culture where students are expected to take risks and bold steps to stretch their faith and grow in an adventure of doing the works of the kingdom. Instructors not only explain information, but also offer to impart what they have to the students.  Unlike traditional schools in which students are given information on which they are tested, NHSS provides information and examples of supernatural ministry being lived out, along with opportunities to worship, pray, share and practice. Above all students are challenged to live the Bible in every area of life, at all times.